STAR PARTY is a high quality brand and event agency for kids and all the family. We work with professionals in the field, theatre and film actors, screen writers, dancers, artists, designers, photographers, video makers, confectioneries and restaurants, which guarantees complete relaxation and enjoinment to each of our clients during the events. 

innovation & Style
Vineta is the master of these beautifully crafted events and the driving force behind STAR PARTY. Since she was a little girl she had a passion for creating and styling her own birthdays. Furthermore, after studying in prestigious art, stylist, design and business schools and universities, she developed professional skills by working in the field as an creative director, event planner and image stylist. She have many years working experience cooperating with companies and creating entertainment for public and private events for kids and adults. With attention to every detail, Vineta creates events that stimulate the imagination and crafts events with meaning, humour, innovation and style, making enjoyable experience  for clients. As an qualified party stylist, artist, image maker, she participates in each path of building event and strongly controls all the elements in the process of bringing the fairytale into event. Along with her natural sense of beauty she creates scenario, ideology,  design, entertainment and costumes that all together makes harmonic picture,  magical atmosphere, sense of reality and follows the main story of the party. 

After working for more than 10 years planning events for kids and families, I have understood how challenging it might be to find an original present for kid or his/ her friend. In fact, surprise a kid with a gift that is both unique and personal is sometimes a hard and time consuming task to accomplish. Due to that I have created handmade gifts and artistic clothing for modern child to wear and surprise friends.
Children t-shirt collection is inspired by movie and cartoon characters hand-drawn by my own dolls style. Each t-shirt is interactive and playful, as it has changeable elements  on hoop and loop tape. At the moment produced for girls aged 2-10 using high quality fabrics with cooperation with the leading sewing factory in Latvia. We all know, that the gift is as important as the way you present it, due to that will be happy to arrange special fluffy and cute greeting courier who will bring the gift and doses of positive emotions straight to your place. 

All the best,


Vineta Solovjova